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Are you ready for photos? Real Estate

Good quality photography can help sale or stifle your home. I imagine you’ve seen some of those photos that just make you wonder what in the world?! ? We have this set up to allow us to help you put your best foot/ photo forward in the next step of selling your home.

Is your home photo ready, take a look at these as a reference when preparing.


  1. Deep Clean house.
  2. Clear and Clean kitchen counters. There should be nothing on the counters.
  3. Remove magnets and clear clutter on appliances.
  4. Clear and Clean bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers.
  5. Replace burned out lightbulbs.
  6. Minimize furniture decor and clutter.
  7. Remove all personal photos and items.
  8. Clear all night stands and dressers.
  9. Turn on all lights throughout the house.
  10. Open all window treatments, let the natural light in.
  11. Turn off all ceiling fans, Tv’s, and computer screens off.
  12. Put all shoes and jackets in closets.
  13. Remove all pet items. Also have a place for them to be during photos.
  14. Store items in garage and or attic, make sure to keep spaces neat and walkable.
  15. Plan to be away from the house while photos are taking place.


  1. Clean up the yard and landscaping
  2. Sweep off porches and decks
  3. Clear all cars from driveway
  4. Hide all garbage cans and lawn equipment